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House of NERC 2006 Event Report
Since this was more of a private event, the turnout was low. A round robin tournament took place instead. Fun was had. Here are the winners We really want to thank the Benson Family for their hospitality and hosting of this event. We really couldn't ask for more (other than warmer weather? jk :-p).





Ant weight:
1st -- Absolutely "Naut" VDD
Jon Durand Anarchy Robots
2nd -- Disctruction 2.0
John A. Parsons Team Slammers
3rd -- almost there
Liam Byrer Team Small Bots

Hobby weight:
1st -- Rants Pants (of Doom)
Aarron Taggart Not-So-Boring Robotics
2nd -- Igoo
Alan Young Mad Scientist
3rd -- Shake Appeal
Dan Provenzano Team EMF

1st -- Gnome Portal
Brian Benson Robotic Hobbies
2nd -- Mangi
Al Kindle Team Half Fast Astronaut
3rd -- Power of Metal
Joe Provenzano Team EMF

Thanks to everyone that showed up and helped out.

Motorama Robot Conflict 2006 Event Report
Pretty much standard procedure here. There was even another "new" arena, which seems to happen every year with this event. But once again, competitors from all over North America showed up to dook it out in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Who's the best this year? Look below to find out...


Fairy weight :
1st -- Deimos
Ted Zeiger Team Cosmos
2nd -- Robo Sushi
John A. Parsons Team Slammers
3rd -- Pookie
Chad New Team Wazio
Fairies Brackets

Ant weight:
1st -- Angry Accountant
Pete Covert Team Cosmos
2nd -- Switchblade
Justin Mathews Team Sawzall
3rd -- CD
Mike Krysiak Team JandA
Ant Brackets

Beetle weight:
1st -- 3PD
Andrew Peterson Team Ti Joe
2nd -- Creepy Crawler
Joseph Murawski Team-X-Bots
3rd -- Nemo
Charles Carns Maim Robotics
Beetle Brackets

Hobby weight:
1st -- Wedgio
Chad New Team Wazio
2nd -- Igoo
Alan Young Mad Scientist
3rd -- Surgical Strike
Andrew Smith Team Rolling Thunder
Hobby Brackets

Feather weight:
1st -- F-Bomb
Richard Stuplich Killerbotics
2nd -- Helios
Ted Zeiger/Pete Covert Team Cosmos
3rd -- Totally Offensive
Robert Woodhead Mad Overload
Feather Brackets

Special Awards
Best Driver -- Pressure Point - Jesse Taylor Team JandA
Coolest Bot -- Spaz Hammer - Ed McCarron Team Golden
Best Sportsmanship -- Alan Young...who promptly gave the award to Aaron Taggart for freeing him during their last match. Aaron summarily lost by judges' decision. The judges deliberated giving Aaron this award, but we knew we did the right thing when Alan gave it to Aaron because it proved he was the right choice. Plus, Aaron got the award anyway, so it all worked out

Heres are the memory-mangled thank-yous to everyone that made this event possible...

Eric and Rob, for arena work extrordinaire, faxing interesting body parts, and generally going above and beyond the call of duty time and time again. Without them this event wouldn't have happened.
Eric for making awesome trophies, and Kirstin for assembling them.
Al Kindle for wrangling prizes - also, thanks to the sponsors - that list will follow shortly.
Jon Durand for database manipulation par excellence.
John Wolan for hiding in a little black box all weekend. I think he was videotaping, but I'm -sure- I heard snoring from in there at one point.
Josh F for videotaping the bug fights.
Eric, Alan, Rob, Al and whoever else was helping with check-in.
All the bot-widows that got neglected this weekend.
Brad, Trailways Speedway, and the Motorama Association for giving us an excellent place to play.

Arena Setup: Josh Z, Jim I, Chad N, The Olin, Conallen, and Parson Families, Chuck and Michelle C, Jon D, Rob, Eric, and some other people. One day I'll make a list DURING the setup.
Michelle and Beth for keeping everything flowing smoothly. They worked out the scheduling pretty good too.
Tony for not losing his voice or cool - even in the face of a lack of coffee and "Mountain Dew".
Paul V, Matt L, and Jim I for deciding who won and lost - they even judged a few fights too.
Chuck's Brother (Adam?) for letting me bully him into manning the door.
Chris Gilleski for manning the scales.
Arena Teardown: Josh F, Dawn W, Bryan R, Jim I, Paul V, Al K, Alan Y, Chuck and Michelle C, Matt L, Chad N, Joe and Dan P, Ted Z, Pete C, Dan W, The Benson, Woodhead, Peterson and Smith Families. There was a TON of folks helping - this made teardown pretty painless. Thanks!

We are sure we missed some folks, so thanks to anyone we missed.
See you all at the next event.

As always, thanx to our very generous sponsors for their continued support!
5 - $50 gift certificates from (Titaniumjoe.com)
2 - bb-12-45 ESC's ( Banebots.com )
2 - BB-3-9 ESC'S ( Banebots.com )
2 - MP-28020-385 planetary gearmotors ( Banebots.com )
2 - MS-25020-180 planetary gearmotors ( Banebots.com )
3 - $150 gift certificates ( American Waterjet )
4 - $50 gift certificates ( Npcrobotics.com )
2- $100 gift certificates ( DC waterjet )
2 - $50 gift certificates ( teamrollingthunder.com )

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