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House of NERC 2004 Event Report
Another small event in the basment of a firehall in the middle of nowhere, PA. Many folks took the trip for the battle in the basement. This event debut a newly designed 8 ft. box that was just like playing with legos, a bagel hazzard and even bingo. The infamous Nar Karts also made their appearance in the middle of one of the weirdest weather patterns. Overall, just another lazy weekend.




Fairy weight:
1st -- Router
Andrew Peterson Team Ti Joe
2nd -- Amish Pinwheel of Doom
Jon Durand Anarchy Robots
3rd -- Minor Threat
That Peepzort Guy Team Incredible

Ant weight:
1st -- Mini Buggy of Doom
Jon Durand Anarchy Robots
2nd -- Red Heat
Andrew Peterson Team Ti Joe
3rd -- Saw Play
George Hotz Team Titanium Squirrels

Beetle weight:
1st -- 3PD
Andrew Peterson Team Ti Joe
2nd -- The Amish Buggy of Doom V2
Jon Durand Anarchy Robots
3rd -- Mini Moo
Greg "Jr." Dabkowski Team Mad Cow

Hobby weight:
1st -- Rants Pants
Travis Volpe Team Sporky
2nd -- Reading Terror Squad
Jon Durand Anarchy Robots
3rd -- Gone Postal
Brian Benson Jr. Robotic Hobbies

Here go the thanks... (lessee who I miss this time...)

Rob & Nar for building and delivering a beautiful arena. We'll work on the door latch later... ;)
Assembly crew: No clue. Running around like nut at time.
Joe: Excellent venue, excellent donuts, and excellent caffeine. Joe also built an new ant insert, which due to math failure on my part didn't get used. Moto, look out.
Chuck: Box loader extraordinaire, judge, whatever the heck else needed to be done.
Beth and Michelle: Brackets, scheduling, and Josh-sitting.
The Bensons and Petersons: These guys help with every setup and teardown - need more dedicated members like this! Thanks guys!
Gilleski: Checkin, safety, and judging (well, most of the time...)

Aaron: Judging
Paul: Judging. (Exactly HOW MUCH did you judge, Paul ???)
Al: Judging in a pinch.
Anarchy Dude: Registration. Jon also gets the Tony award for most bots entered... In the box - the dude... On deck - the dude... up in 2 fights - the dude. ;)
Whoever the family was that lent their video camera to John W to tape. (John, did they ever get it back???)
John W: Sitting there with a camera and tripod as usual. I think Johns been to more events than some of the officers at this point... ;)
The rest of the NERC officers and members for their continued support and hard work.

Seems like after this event, the paradigm is definitely shifting.Peepzort Dude won his first match... Anarchy Dude won a few awards with wedges... (Wait, that hasn't changed a bit.) Junior did not immediately fall into the loser bracket to work his way back up...Paul didn't weld any contactors... All in all, a decent event. Hope the mediocre turnout (41 bots registered, 34 actually showed) is not forecasting the future - Moto 05 in 4 short months...

Motorama Robot Conflict 2004 Event Report
The big show is finally over and everyone can finally catch their breath. Now that we have all had some time to recoup, we would like to take a moment and thank everyone who helped make Motorama a success! So much was going on, if we forgot you, please speak up! Close to 150 showed up, but only 7 can say they beat them all...


Fairy weight:
1st -- Router
Andrew Peterson Team Ti Joe
2nd -- DeeFive
John A. Parsons Team Slammers
3rd -- :-)
Sam Harrington Team Woodchuck

Ant weight:
1st -- POW
Jake Ewert Team Whyachi
2nd -- Hard Target
Paul Ogin Team AC/DC
3rd -- Tin Mandy
Alan Young Mad Scientist

Beetle weight:
1st -- The Amish Buggy of Doom V2
Jon Durand Anarchy Robots
2nd -- 3A
Clint Ewert Team Whyachi
3rd -- Buster Blade
Jacob Barnes Team Basenji

Hobby weight:
1st -- Ricochet
Terry Ewert Team Whyachi
2nd -- Truncation
Alan Young Mad Scientist
3rd -- Rants Pants
Travis Volpe Team Sporky

Feather weight:
1st -- Morpheus
Tyler Forbes Team Mad Cow
2nd -- Killabyte
John Mladenik Robotic Death Company
3rd -- Dark Thunder
Robin P. Pritz Team Neubots

Light weight:
1st -- AGSMA 2
John Neilson Robotic Death Company
2nd -- Goosfraba
Richard Stuplich Killerbotics
3rd -- Homer
David Liaw Team Ice

Middle weight:
1st -- SubZero
Jerry Clarkin/Al Kindle Team Hammertime
2nd -- Kappa Maki
Robert Sica Team Diginati
3rd -- Death Drum
Wayne Molnar Team Insanity

Special Awards
Most Destructive Bot -- Green Wave - Paul Ventimiglia Team Demolition
Best Driver -- SubZero - Al Kindle Team Hammertime
Coolest Bot -- Nar - Eric Scott Team Nar
Most Crappy Bot To Own You -- ALF
Dan Provenzano/Sam Harrington/Jon Gowa Team ALF

Thanks to all our sponsors and to everyone that helped make Motorama a success!
[in no particular order]

Brad and Motorama: for giving us a home
Jerry: for giving the arena a home, help with loading and unloading
The Dude: for help everywhere...load, unload, set up, check ins...
Joe and Dan
[Joe's son]
Masek...all around help, setting up walls...
Nar...all nighter to get walls up
Kirsten: the hot photo girl
Bensons. best pit family ever! And Grampa NERC! THANKS!
Davis': Shortest guy ever to help me put roof trusses up!
Parsons: best impound police ever! [ssshhhh...don't tell Gilleski]
Petersons: set-up, tear down. the best!

Tony: Anyone notice how black Tony got by Sat afternoon? Great small bot event!
Chuck: Helped get Tony ready, helped set up, helped tear down, ref'ed all weekend
Michelle, fight scheduler
Beth...bracket wizzard
Cara...merchandise girl
Larry Pagano...best board writer
Glenn Capone...fight loader
Gilleski...impound, check-ins
Chris Baron and his family [judging]
Brian Nelson [judge]
Greg Ferree [judge]
Wolan...awesome job filming
Tier Dude family: set up, tear down, etc
John's mother in law for babysitting
Roy: Best announcer EVER! "Who wants it?"
Builders DB and Marc for help with registration
Robot Death Co people tear down
Miss Motorama

ALL the sponsors

Fuzzy: The Tank is AWESOME!
TEAM WHYACHI [and thanks for coming to kick our butts too!]
Robot Marketplace
Titanium Joe
Mondo'tronics Robot Store
CNC Bot Parts
Robot Power
Robot Logic

Team Delta

Thanks to all of you for the support.

And a big thanks to all the competitors who put faith in this little robot club and had a blast!

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