Below is a collection of various news articles and TV clips the club has appeared in over the years. They may not be the most accurate of information, but it's always fun to see how many mistakes you can find! If you have any additional articles or video about NERC, let us know -

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Robot Wars: Delco Techies Prove Mettle (Page 1 616K) (Page 2 616K)
Andrew Cushman @ Delco Times - April 1, 2002
The title makes absolutely no sense but it's at least it's a two page article. Luckily, I don't think we can get sued for trademark infringement since we didn't write the article. This also took place around the time of the East Coast Hobby Show Robot Conflict.
NERC Members Kick Some Robutt (468K)
Adele Young @ News Transcript - May 8, 2002
A nice full page article that once again takes place during the East Coast Hobby Show Robot Conflict.
Robots, Plus Lots of Other Hobbies (524K)
Stephen Barol Goldstein @ Philadelphia Inquirer - March 2002
Yet another full page for the East Coast Hobby Show Robot Conflict...jeez, this must be a record for articles done for one event! This one has just some basic information about the show.


Don Polec's World (4MB)
WABC Channel 6 Philadelphia - March 2002
This little news clip was done as preview for RobotConflict at the East Coast Hobby show. Highlights include Astro Eddie destroying a styrofoam cup and Ed McCarren stealing Don's Microphone.